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Our Detailed Services include:

Entrance Hall:

1. Clean front door ( Hand-Prints Etc.)

2. Sweep and mop floor

3. Vacuum entry rugs

4. Dust and polish furniture

5. Check mirror for finger prints and clean

Television Room:

1. Dust and Polish

2. Cushion Fluff and Straighten

3. Vacuum carpet

4. Check ceiling fans and vents and dust


1. Dust and polish all furniture surfaces including lamps,stereos,TV's

2. Clean and shine all mirrors and glass surfaces

3. Clean inside and out all glass sliding doors

4. Vacuum

5. Clean and vacuum under cushions, all furnishings

6. Remove all hand prints from all areas

7. Clean and Disinfect telephones

8. Remove all trash and replace trashcans with new liner bags

9. Inspect and clean ceiling fans

10. Clean all vents, blinds and window ledges


1. Remove all debris, trash etc.

2. Vacuum and or sweep and mop

3. Clean all railings

4. Arrange all Furniture to original location


1. Dust and POLISH

2. Clean and shine all mirrors

3. Clean inside and out slider doors

4. Vacuum

5. Remove all linens and replace with spot free pressed linens

6. Clean walls and entrances and exit doorways

7. Check under all furniture for trash and remove

8. Empty trash cans and replace with liners

9. Inspect Vents, Fans, Blinds and ledges and clean



1. Clean, disinfect in and out Refrigerator and freezer Remove all items

2. Clean, disinfect stove, top inside and out.

3. Clean under stove burners and replace foil (If needed)

4. Check and if needed, Wash all Pot holders and mitts

5. Clean and Place all dishes pots and pans

6. Wipe all small appliances

7. Microwave detail

8.Empty all trash and liner replace

9. Clean inspect cabinets inside and out

10. Clean all counter tops and all surfaces

11. Clean Tables 

12. Floors- Sweep and mop and disinfect

13. Dispose of all perishables

14. Check and clean fans blinds window seals

15. Clean Garbage disposals of all waist

16. Install new sponge, Dish detergent, Liners, hand soap, Kitchen hand towel



1. Clean Sinks, Disinfect and shine faucets

2. Clean under sinks and organize

3. Clean toilets spot free all surfaces. ( inspect for and trace hair) 

4. Tub/showers- Clean and disinfect and polish ( Inspect for any trace hair)

5. Clean Mirrors spot free and print free

6. Sweep and mop

7. Empty trash and replace liners

8. Wipe and remove spills and wall stains

9. Clean all vents, fans, window seals

10. Restock with toilet paper add first fold in paper roll, 

11. Restock soap, Bath mat Towels Wash cloth and hand towel

12. Stage all linens in professional format.

Laundry Area:

1. Wipe and clean all surfaces

2. Sweep and mop and disinfect

3. Arrange items and inspect cabinets and storage areas

4. Remove lint

5. Remove trash and liner replace


1. Vacuum and or sweep and mop and disinfect

2. Dust and polish any furnishings

3. Clean and dust fans, vents and seals


Set ac to 76 Heat to 65

Shut and lock all doors and windows

Adjust blinds to owners request

Inspect units and Note any damages

Inspection from supervisor - Using full check list

All cleaners are paid only on completed items 1 week delayed.